What formats do you offer?

All designs are available in PES, HUS, EXP, JEF, VIP, SEW, XXX, DST. We have also added VP3 due to popular demand, however, take note that all designs have not yet been converted to include the VP3 format so you will need to check each listing to make sure it is included.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase designs?

No you do not have to have an account. There is an option when sent to the PayPal site to enter your credit/debit card information.

How many times can I download a design?

Downloads currently do not expire. So, you may download them as needed. However, please be aware that in the event of needing to upgrade or change servers that this may change. So, it is best to download a copy to an external hard drive or other back up media so you always have a copy.

When I stitched out the design it does not look like yours. What did I do wrong?

Most errors occur due to stabilization issues. Such as using the wrong stabilizer for the material that you are stitching the design on.

Am I allowed to sell the stitched-out designs?

Absolutely! You are allowed to sell ONLY the stitched-out designs. You are not allowed to sell, trade, give away, or exchange the digital embroidery designs themselves.

Do your fonts include the BX format?

Yes and No. Many of them do include the BX format however there are many that do not. Most of the fonts were digitized prior to the BX format existing. As time allows however, we are converting them to include the BX format. Until then you will need to read the listing to make sure the BX format is included.

Can you tell me the name of the fonts that you use?

We appreciate that you enjoy our designs. However, due to the number of different fonts, etc. that we use it is too time consuming to stop what we are doing to look up this information. We apologize ahead of time.

Can I use your photos to show customers what options they have?

Yes, you can use our photos if the Sew Fun Fonts brand remains in the photos. However, we have a limited use policy when using our photos. Once you have had a chance to stitch out the design(s) yourself, you will need to replace our photo with your own photo.

Do the large sayings, that have a design and saying, come as two separate files?

No they do not. They are one large design that will stitch as one design. You will not get the saying as one design and the accompanying design as another. If you would like them to separate you will need to purchase each one of them.

Why does my fabric show through the sketch and gradient designs?

Your fabric will show through these designs because it is not a filled design. This is intentional and not an error in the design or something that happened while stitching. Please be sure to read the descriptions of the designs to find out what kind of design you are purchasing.

Do you manually or auto digitize?

All designs are manually digitized as that is the best method for quality designs.

Why are some designs on mockups and others stitched? Do you not test all designs?

All designs are tested. Testing them is a necessity, however it also becomes pricey. A lot of designs are tested on scrap material with thread colors that do not necessarily go together. These stitched designs do not make for great photos. This is the reason for many of the mockups.

I downloaded the design, but it will not open, and I get an error. What is wrong?

Be sure to open the design(s) in embroidery software. Computers do not recognize embroidery formats and will not open them without appropriate embroidery software.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the designs, refunds are not given.